You don’t need lots of content, you need superb content.


These days many of us are making the mistake of asking questions such as:

How many posts do I need to put up?
Which platforms do I need to regularly post on?
What platform is best?
Do I post in the morning or evening?
What hashtags do I use?

I hear these questions near enough everyday and if I don’t get asked directly, I see them posted on Facebook groups everywhere.


What’s my response?


You post as regularly as you can keep pushing superb content to your audience.


What do I mean by that?


Well it’s simple. As a business you should know your audience, if you don’t, you have a far bigger problem than this blog can fix.  As a content creator, you need to ensure that you craft your posts towards your audience. Every step of the way you should be asking yourself several questions:

Will my audience find this appealing?
Does this help my audience?
Have I answered their questions?

One simple thing to remember, does this content provide value to your audience.


How can I create the best social media post?


There is not one formula to create the perfect post that will go viral and get you millions of views and likes, however you can give yourself the best fighting chance.


Do you say things your audience dreams somebody would say?


Like I’ve previously said, you’re not writing for yourself but your audience. Perhaps you have an audience of ‘Petrol Heads’, imagine posting up content that shares their struggles of fuel prices or how car tax is inflating year by year. Yes, you could have something controversial, however you also have a piece of content that I imagine would be highly engaging.

Yes, you’re not selling. Instead your giving something of value to your audience, the chance to debate and let off steam.


Share your knowledge


Stop thinking if you give away your tips, your audience won’t need you. Instead share your knowledge with your audience and listen carefully to what they want to know.

If you’re a baker and you make a brilliant chocolate brownie, why not share the recipe with your audience? Instead of doing it the boring way; of posting up the ingredients and the process, instead prep your work area and then go live on Facebook. Immediately you have created a solid post that will be shared amongst your audience, really reaffirming your skills as a baker.

Content is not all about the sell, it’s instead building up a relationship with your audience that puts them on the same level as you. Just because you let go of a few trade secrets, doesn’t mean it will break the bank.




You don’t need lots of content, you need superb content.