Making sure that you don’t post too much and disengage your audience is essential. If you post too much and get boring, the likely chance is that your content will be ignored.

How often to post on Social Media.

In a world where everything is digital, how much do you know about social media?

Ensuring you don’t post too much or too little is imperative.

Today’s guide gives you a rough outline to what you should be aiming for. Don’t use this as an exact measurement, as every campaign will be different. Instead use it as a blueprint to create your success!


Low: 3 Per Week
Suggested: 1 Per Day
High: 2 Per Day


Low: 1 Per Day
Suggested: 1-2 Per Day
High: 3 Per Day


Low: 2 Per Week
Suggested: 1 Per Day
High: 1 Per Day


Low: 3 Per Day
Suggested: 15 Per Day
High: 30 Per Day

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