Did you know Brit’s are expected to spend £1.2 Billion, over the Easter holidays this year?


Here’s 7 simple but effective things, to add to the mix, to avoid having egg on your face!


  • Make sure you add the Easter opening times to your website
  • Create an Easter landing page on your website, with relevant products/sales etc.
  • Send out virtual Easter greeting cards by email
  • Sponsor a local Easter egg hunt, or if you’re adventurous arrange one!
  • Launch an Easter competition in store or on social media for a prize/discount code etc.
  • Create a virtual Easter egg hunt on social media, hiding eggs in your posts
  • Add Easter social media cover images on your business page


For small businesses, competing with the big brands on paid advertising over the Easter period doesn’t make sense. CPM’s, CPA’s, CPC’s, whatever success metric you bid for will dramatically rise as big advertisers are prepared to pay a bigger premium for the coverage.

With that in mind, small businesses need to be creative, and utilise either organic or less costly ways to engage with potential prospects. The good news here… customers that are acquired organically, generally spend more than customers acquired through paid measures.

Over holiday periods people are more active online and on the high street so there’s a lot more attention to bid for. If you do find a winning recipe to acquire attention that doesn’t break the bank the results could be ‘eggcellent’.

It’s also important to not only look at how you can generate sales over the Easter period but actually build relationships with prospects to monetize further down the line. Life time value of a customer is a better metric to measure in any instance than a spike in revenue over a festive period.

Have a great Easter, be creative and if you can’t build a relationship that monetize today, build ones that monetize tomorrow, in a week or in years to come.